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Pursuant to the Freedom of Information Act, PSI is requesting information from Iowa’s Department of Natural Resources pertaining to two gas releases. The first is Leak # 8LT24, the Casey’s General Store located at 204 East Main Street and the second is Leak # 9LTB20 the historic Walters Lumber Yard located at 207 East Main Street. Both facilities are located in Wyoming, Iowa. The specific documents PSI is requesting for the Casey’s General Store consists of the SCR document dated 10/22/1994, the Corrective Action Design Report dated 10/02/1995, and the Site Monitoring Reports dating from 1999 to 2012. There should be 8 of the Monitoring Reports. For Walters Lumber Yard facility we would like all documentation you have.


Information may be forwarded via email, fax, or US Mail. Your cooperation is appreciated.


Thank you.


April 4, 2018 via email


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